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Chippers are most suitable when processed material needs to be collected and removed. They are highly mobile, so they often do not need material to be brought to them, they travel through the work area chipping material in situ and need no haul roads or hard standing. They also have an added advantage that the chipped material is removed from site if the job specification requires and if not, chip can be blown directly onto the ground for mixing in with the top layer of soil.


A mulcher is a tracked all-terrain machine that uses a solid steel high speed rotating drum, mounted on the front, to shred any size of material from whole tree trunks and stumps, to green waste and hedgerows. It is equipped with heavy-duty cutter teeth that will work effectively in soil and will cope with a high degree of contamination such as fence wire, stones and bricks. The process works by using the ground as the cutting surface, so there is no damage caused to any internal areas of the machine. Mulchers will mostly work un-aided and only require assistance from an excavator when material needs to be laid out on the ground from large piles, or when heavy contamination, such as metal objects, need removing.
From an environmental stance, mulching is very attractive as it can reduce the need to take material to tip, it requires no expensive set up costs or infastructure to be installed and it is very quick, saving client valuable time and money.


Site Clearance

Full site clearance operations undertaken
Softwood/Windblow Clearance

Woodchip spread on site, Stockpiled, or removed

Tree Surgery

Dismantling: Total tree removal in sections using specialist lowering and rigging equipment
Crown Reduction: A method of pruning to reduce the size of the canopy using approved techniques
Crown Lifting: Pruning to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles and buildings by removing lower branches.
Crown Thinning: Pruning to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown by removing selective branches.
Dead Wooding: The removal of hazardous branches and decaying timber

Tree Planting


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