David Watson Forestry
David Watson   Forestry
With the drastic climate changes affecting our planet, we decided as a company to take our environmental issues very seriously. David Watson Forestry is committed to playing its part in reducing damage to the environment.
In complience with the 'Countryside and rights of way act 2000'. All trees will be assessed prior to works commencing.


Today there are fewer bats in the UK than even just a few years ago. Many of the roosting sites and feeding grounds which they need have been destroyed to make way for buildings and roads, or other changes in land use. Pesticides have not only killed many of their insect prey, but also some of the bats themselves. Now all UK bats and their roosts are protected by law . It is illegal to harm or disturb them, or deliberately alter their roost sites without first seeking advice from your local Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation.

Nesting Birds

All trees will be assessed prior to works commencing to make sure there are no nesting birds.

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